Accessible Vehicles

Now, here is where we can make a boast! We have the largest fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles in this area. Full stop, game over, job done!

These specialist vehicles need specialist drivers and all our accessible vehicle drivers are fully trained and accredited. We ensure training is current and up to date and work with accreditation agencies as well as the local licensing authority to ensure standards are maintained.

If you have a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, it’s required for good reason. We respect your independence and will treat you the way you expect to be treated. If you don’t want our help getting you in or out, tell us and we’ll supervise so that you’re safe. Once inside, you'll be safely secured in the vehicle and checked prior to moving off.

Again, if you’re travelling alone and would appreciate some help, our driver will ensure that you get it. If it makes you feel safer, we can provide an assistant for a modest fee. Please see our section on Airport Transfer for full details. Advance booking for this service is mandatory.

Our accessible vehicles are regularly checked and tested for safety and regulation compliance (to be fair, they all are but these ones take longer!). Our fleet is regularly updated and modernised so you can ensure you have the best that is available.

Accessible vehicles can be popular and advance booking is recommended for this service.