Corporate Travel

We do not have chauffeurs. Nor do we have limousines or drivers in suits and hats. We won’t display your name on a tablet at the airport.

What we will do, is supply you with a spotlessly clean car and a smartly dressed driver. Collar and tie if you want! They’ll be on time, waiting for you and then will convey you to where you are going without fuss.

Did we mention the fully computerised control and dispatch system? Fully tracked vehicles with GPRS and sat nav? And your safety and wellbeing are as important to us as it is to you!

Let’s say you’re considering opening an account with us. Here’s our view.

You have a new client you want transferred from the airport. They’re coming for a meeting which is crucial. You’ve never met them, and this is a big deal.

Your driver is the first impression of your business.

So, they are there on time and waiting for your client. They clearly identify themselves and welcome them on your behalf. They assist with any luggage back to the spotlessly clean car. They hold the door open for them. Once in and settled, they are taken to the meeting. In comfort. In safety. Relaxed.

After the meeting and handshakes all round, we’ll come back and take them to the airport for their return flight.

Now you may be thinking that all this is common sense. That every taxi company can say the same. Believe me when I say that is not the case as many airport transfers can testify to!

Apply for a Business Account now! Common sense supplied as standard!